Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hollywood’s Red Carpet Meets “Green Teen” Journalists

Global Broadcast for Kids (GB4K) is the brain child of actor/director/producer Scott McGinnis, and it just might change the world.

While politicians and environmental activists work to clean up the mess left by older generations, GB4K reaches out to the ones who will inherit the mess – today’s teenagers. The message couldn’t be more perfectly on point; it’s “Green News…from One Kid to Another.” Each week, teen journalists, Marley and her brother Elijah, report on environmental issues, and finish each story with a “so what?” segment that helps explain the story in a way that makes sense to kids.

McGinnis has a long track record of producing great quality shows that kids love, like “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” the TV show, “Angel”, and more. Under his direction, Marley and Elijah are a refreshingly optimistic and entertaining pair, destined to engage a worldwide audience of kids that are looking for eco-information that matters to them.

Scott’s teen reporters will be covering the red carpet for the Earth Day premier of Disney’s new movie, “Oceans.” Be sure to check out their broadcast at:

Listen to this week’s Go Green Radio interview with Scott and Marley at 9 a.m. Pacific/12 p.m. Eastern/some other time in other places…on, or visit the Go Green Radio home page to listen to the archive -

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