Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is There Enough Energy in the World for Everyone to Live Like Americans?

Many in the U.S. are trying very hard to ‘go green’, and they are using less gasoline, changing their light bulbs to CFL’s, and recycling. Even with all of these efforts, if we multiply the amount of energy used per person in the U.S. by the world’s total population…we’d have a problem…not enough energy to go around. We live well in the U.S., so it’s understandable that people in other countries would want to live as well, but is there enough energy in the world for everyone to live like Americans? Do we have a shortage of energy, or an energy management problem? My guest on Go Green Radio this week, Susan Meredith, author of “Beyond Light Bulbs: Lighting the Way to Smarter Energy Management” will help us uncover the truth.

I’ll be asking her if we have to build nuclear plants in 3rd world countries in order to get them clean water without polluting their air. I’ll ask her if carbon offset programs are real, or just one more way to “green wash” our conscience when we pollute. Ms. Meredith opens one of the chapters in her book by asking, “Who cares” if humans are causing global warming, and we’ll definitely talk about that approach. We’ll also talk about the concept of peak oil, and how the U.S. can remain strong with China and India’s increased insurgence on the global oil supply chain. And finally, I’ll ask Ms. Meredith to give President Elect Obama advice on what caveats, if any, he should place on the auto industry’s fuel standards in order to receive bailout funding.

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