Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Green Radio - Straight Talk on Nuclear Energy

In light of the tragedy unfolding in Japan, it is absolutely prudent to take a good, hard look at existing and future nuclear power plants in the United States. The Obama administration is still committed to backing loans for construction of nuclear facilities in the U.S., even as everyday Americans wonder if the facilities are safe. We will be joined by Angie Howard is president of Howard – Johnson Associates, a consulting practice specializing in strategic energy and utility issues, and 2009 recipient of Women in Nuclear Global leadership award. Ms. Howard retired in May 2009 as vice president, Office of the President and Executive Advisor to the President for the Nuclear Energy Institute. We will talk about radioactive waste disposal, nuclear proliferation concerns, and terrorist threats to nuclear facilities. Tune in to learn about the facts regarding nuclear energy in America, and what safety measures are in place to avoid a crisis. Go Green Radio airs live on at 9 a.m. Pacific, noon Eastern every Friday.